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Chimney Capping

Why Cap Your Chimney?

Very simply, the opening (flue) in your chimney is a hole in your roof which, if left uncapped:


  • Allows rain, snow, and/or leaves to enter chimney, leading to rusting of metal fireboxes and dampers and deterioration of mortar joints!
  • Invites nesting birds, insects, and animals leading to flue blockage, inadequate venting, & possible fire or carbon monoxide poisoning!
  • Creates a fire hazard by allowing sparks & burning embers from fireplaces to escape onto your roof or yard!
  • Allows for a greater wind induced downdraft which may affect fireplace performance!

Single-flue stainless steel chimney caps (pictured below) are mounted to the outside of the top flue liner with set-screws and carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects and/or rust.

Multi-flue stainless steel chimney caps (pictured below) are secured to the chimney crown cap with adhesive and Tapcon masonry screws and also carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects and/or rust.  Multi-flue caps must be sized appropriately to allow for the proper ventilation of appliance and fireplace gases.
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