The Roman Gladiator of Trades

Licensed and Bonded
Chimney Repairs
View of completed reconstruction of chimney above roof-line, including new chimney counter flashing and stainless steel chimney cap, as well as completed roof shingle replacement by Ken's Parkhill Roofing, Inc.  (Scroll down to view photos of partial reconstruction phase, demolition phase,  and initial state of chimney prior to repairs.)
View of partial reconstruction of chimney (below) with replacement of left-side top flue liner and undisturbed right-side top flue liner and furnace cap.
View of demolished chimney (below) with undisturbed salvaged right-side flue chase servicing furnace and removal of left-side cracked top flue liner servicing fireplace. 
View of initial state of deteriorated chimney (below) prior to repair by The Roman Gladiator of Trades and roof shingle and counter flashing replacement by Ken's Parkhill Roofing, Inc.. 
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