The Roman Gladiator of Trades

Licensed and Bonded
The 10 Commendations!

What separates The Roman Gladiator of Trades from other contractors:

1.      Fully Insured with Commercial General Liability and Property Damage Liability coverage.  Current “Certificate of Insurance” coverage available upon request.


2.      Registered Ohio BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation) Employer providing benefits to employees from injuries incurred on the job.


3.      Registered Limited Liability Company, Roman Empire Builders, Ltd, and Fictitious Name Filing, The Roman Gladiator of Trades, with the State of Ohio.  Certificates of Registration & Fictitious Name Filing available for review upon request.



                *(User Name & Password request available on Contact Us page) 

5.      Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Residential contracts/proposals require no payment until all work is completed to your satisfaction.  There is no incentive for disreputable contractors to comply with terms & conditions of a contract/proposal or respond to your concerns once they have been paid.


6.      Quality Craftsmanship!  All work will be completed in professional matter by skilled and trained employees and/or subcontractors.  The use of subcontractors to complete all or portions of scheduled work under contract/proposal shall be disclosed in contract/proposal writing.


7.      Price Match Opportunity!  Willing to match most price quotes of equally qualified reputable contractors based on “apples to apples” comparison of contract/proposal terms, & conditions. “Price Match Opportunity” must be negotiated prior to commencing work and/or accepting (signing) contract/proposal terms & conditions.


8.      Communication & Coordination!  Timely notification of work start date and material deliveries.  Updates on changes or delays in scheduling due to weather or other circumstances.  Coordination of work with other trades/contractors to provide smooth & efficient transition and completion of phased construction projects. 


9.      Response!  Prompt response to questions, concerns, and/or inquiries via telephone calls or in-person consultations prior to, during, AND after completion of scheduled work. 


10.  Honesty & Stability!  Honest and informative estimate reviews with recommendations based on the best interest of the customer.  Local and stable ownership in operation since 2001, with disclosed business/home address and direct telephone contact (no third party answering service).  Owner is Lyndhurst, Ohio resident since 1973!


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